About us

Embers / Cinders Vintage brings you authentic, top quality, on trend vintage clothing from the 1920s up to the 1990s, to incorporate into your modern wardrobe.

Based in southern California, Embers / Cinders owner / curator is Sarah Kai'li, an art historian with a penchant for all things vintage. Buying and selling vintage and antiques since May 2001, Embers / Cinders Vintage developed into a full time passion in June of 2015.

Embers / Cinders offers a curated collection of hand picked items selected for their quality, uniqueness and wearability. Vintage dresses and separates represent the best and sometimes weirdest of their respective eras, from the gatsby, flapper beaded dresses of the 20s, the bias cut siren gowns of the 30s, the shirtwaist dresses and swing coats of the 40s, the bombshell and cupcake dresses of the 50s , the clean, mod silhouettes or angel-sleeved bohemian dresses of the 60s, the disco jersey maxi gowns and op art prints of the 70s, the sequin and gold lame of the 80s, to the it girl grunge aesthetic of the 90s -- whatever your preferred vintage era-- all are well represented here.

Inspired by so many facets of vintage collecting; whether the detail and craftsmanship of a garment that has lasted beautifully for 50 years, and is poised to live on for another 50, or the vindication that follows pouring hours of cleaning, detailing and restoration into the resuscitation of a forgotten, neglected garment, so that said garment is incorporated into a new owner’s wardrobe to begin a new cycle of memory-making. It is the injection of the “old” into a modern arrangement, and seeing it live again, that we find so rewarding. 

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